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What a continually busy and exciting season this Spring has been! Today marks a week since my Senior Recital, which was an overwhelmingly successful event. I was quite proud to present works featuring so many collaborative musicians, including a 14 piece orchestral ensemble for an excerpt from Haydn’s Creation and the premiere of a song set with cello and guitar by my friend and colleague David Brighton. A sincere thanks to all who attended, and for anyone who missed out a link can be found below to the Georgia State online archive so that you may watch it!



Although that venture has ended, things are continuing to bustle as my final semester at Georgia State comes to an end. This past Sunday I performed as the soloist in ‘Easter,’ the first of Ralph Vaughan WiIliams Five Mystical Songs, in the Easter service at the First Baptist Church of Decatur. Currently I am in the midst of tech week for Georgia State Opera Theater’s production of Puccini’s La Bohème, in which I will be performing as the character Schaunard. The event will occur at the Rialto theater in downtown Atlanta this coming weekend, April 10th- 12th. I will be performing as a principal in two of the three performances, Friday the 10th at 8pm and Sunday the 12th at 3pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door, and students receive 5 dollar tickets! The show features a full orchestral ensemble under the baton of Maestro Michael Palmer, and is sure to be one of the most exciting operatic events in the Atlanta area this year!

boheme ad 3 2015

After the opera I will be performing several events in the Atlanta area. I will be participating in an encore performance of David Brighton’s song set on Wednesday, April 15th in the Georgia State Guitar Ensemble performance. It will occur at 8pm in Florence Kopleff Recital Hall downtown, and is completely free and open to the public. I will also be performing as a background vocalist in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s ‘Classic Soul’ concert on Friday April 17th and Saturday April 18th, both at 8pm. This event will be a very different type of performance than the typical operatic repetoire I have frequented as of late, and features an incredible list of songs from great artists such as Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and more. This will surely be an event that will keep your toes tapping and leave you humming a familiar tune, so be sure to check out tickets at the link provided below!

Guitar Ensemble:


Atlanta Symphony ‘Classic Soul’:


I have a few auditions for companies in the Atlanta area coming up in the near future, as well as exciting announcements for what the summer will hold. Be sure to stay tuned in for those updates coming soon!

Germany: I’m Coming For You!

This summer is looking to be an incredible learning experience for me, as I currently am set to attend two musical programs; Harrower Summer Opera Workshop in Atlanta as well as the International Performing Arts Academy in Kiefersfelden, Germany. IPAI will be a wonderfully educational and professionally progressing workshop, including biweekly voice lessons and coachings, daily language, diction, and movement classes, and a focus on professional networking and personal planning for continuing in my career path. I am ecstatic to continue my education in the German language, and as always traveling to Europe is a distinct pleasure. I am in the process of fundraising for this event, and if you’d like to make a pledge to support me please take a moment to visit my Go Fund Me account:


For more information on the IPAI program, their site can be found here:



In the past two weeks I participated in the Merion Opera Idol competition in Evanston Illinois, and have qualified to participate in their Opera Idol revisited program, which enables me to perform with the organization any time I return to the Chicago area. This will come in great use in future auditions in the Northern region! I also did a photoshoot with the incredible Kameron Smith of KamCo photography, a few of which are provided above and below. Check out her FB page below if you need a photographer, she does fantastic work!

Photo Credit: KamCo Photography https://www.facebook.com/kamcophoto
Photo Credit: KamCo Photography https://www.facebook.com/kamcophoto
Photo Credit: KamCo Photography https://www.facebook.com/kamcophoto
Photo Credit: KamCo Photography https://www.facebook.com/kamcophoto
Photo Credit: KamCo Photography https://www.facebook.com/kamcophoto
Photo Credit: KamCo Photography https://www.facebook.com/kamcophoto


Calling all Bohemians!

boheme ad 3 2015

Do you love to sing? Are you interested in being involved in local artistic endeavors? Well then fortune is upon you! Georgia State University Opera Theater is currently in search of volunteers to be a part of our 2015 production of La Bohème, one of the most well loved and frequently performed operas of all time. Time commitments are minimal, and you can enjoy working with local talent from the Atlanta area, as well as Valerie Adams distinguished professor of Opera, Carroll Freeman! Only chorus parts are needed, and these range from vendors, mothers, townspeople, waiters, and even children! Even if singing is not your forte, silent extras are welcome as well. If you know of any local Atlanta organization that would be interested, or you personally would like to join, please feel free to contact me by email at Nyaquinto@gmail.com, or send me a message through this website. Packed with themes of love, lust, brotherhood, heartbreak, and the true Bohemian lifestyle, this production truly offers something for everyone!

Aria Recording Session

This past week I spent an evening recording 4 arias in my repertoire, all of which were featured on my audition package this season, both at the Metropolitan Opera competition and in my various auditions. I worked with Daniel Solberg of DSol productions, whose website can be found below. I’m very excited with how they turned out, and am even more excited to be able to share them! The arias are all listed on Youtube, but can also be found on the Videos page of my website.


Lieben, Hassen, Hoffen, Zagen:


Mab, la reine des mensonges:


My Family Valentine: Valentines Day 2015

IMAG1356 hall

Pictured are shots from my rehearsal this week for my debut with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra on this coming Valentines Day. The production is entitled ‘My Family Valentine,’ and is a performance reaching out to families and the younger generations, in an attempt to heighten interest in classical music. This is accomplished by presenting well known and loved symphonic works, including pieces by Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Strauss, and more. To tie these beautiful works together there is an adaptation of the love story between Papagano and Papagana from Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte. I play Papagano in this production, and Soprano Allison Mion is my Papagana. We have been hard at work to put this production together, but this was the first rehearsal of the preparation process in which we were able to work in the Atlanta Symphony Hall. (Located in Woodruff Arts Center) [http://www.atlantasymphony.org/] It was also our first opportunity to work with Joseph Young, the director of the program and the assistant conductor/ youth orchestra music director of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. (http://www.josephfyoung.com/) This program is one of the first in an exciting amalgamation between the ASO and the Alliance Theater, and it is a very exciting process seeing these great companies coming together. (http://alliancetheatre.org/) All of the production cast could not be more excited about this program, and we hope to see you all there! Tickets are still available and can be found at the link provided below!



I also did a recording session with pianist extraordinaire Grant Jones and production expert Daniel Solberg of DSol productions (http://danielsolberg.com/) last night. I did several arias from my operatic repertoire, and I can’t wait to see how they turned out. Video and audio will be posted soon, keep your eyes and ears open!

Allison Mion and Myself on the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra stage for rehearsal

Atlanta Opera: 24 Hour Opera Project



On Saturday, January 24th I participated in the Atlanta Opera’s 24 Hour Opera Project. This cutting edge event assembles librettists, composers, directors, and singers in order to create a completely new composition of Opera, which is written, put to music, staged, memorized, and performed within 24 hours. This event was a great opportunity to test my ability as a performer to grasp the concept of a production, characterize it, internalize it, and memorize it in time for a quality performance in a limited time frame. The event was great fun, and within the cast of the production I was greeted with the faces of many local Atlanta artists, both familiar and foreign.

I worked under musical director Catherine Giel, (musical director for Capitol City Opera here in Atlanta) [http://www.ccityopera.org/], stage director Kristin Kenning (Samford University), and the musical composition was done by Marvin Carlton. The Libretto was written by Sumita Chakraborty, and was based upon the idea of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, (Shakespeare) in which each of the characters is enchanted with a flower which forces them to fall in love with the first person they see. This was extremely reminiscent for me, because the last time I performed in the Atlanta Theatrical Outlet (Pictured above) was when I performed as Demetrius in Benjamin Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream this past summer in the Harrower Summer Opera Workshop. The twist of the production was that a very brightly colored ‘disco shirt’ had to be worked into the script, and the theme of the night was ‘Not For the Faint of Heart.’ So instead, each of our characters smelled the potion that had been cast upon the shirt causing us all to fall for whatever person- or item- they saw first. These items included a rubber chicken, a feather, a star, and lastly I was made to fall in love with myself upon seeing my reflection, and spent most of the production wallowing in the beauty of my own image.  It was quite the comedy routine, and featured a wonderful cast, adaptation of the story to fit our needs, involved staging, and extremely catchy music which we all walked out humming!


Atlanta Opera: 24 Hour Opera Project
Atlanta Opera: 24 Hour Opera Project

All in all it was a wonderful experience, and at the end of the performance there was a surprise performance by a hilarious improv comedy group from ‘Dad’s Garage’ theatrical group. I definitely recommend attempting to catch one of their shows, I haven’t laughed that hard in some time! (Link provided below)


Rehearsal for the 24 Hour Opera Project
Rehearsal for the 24 Hour Opera Project



Keep on Singin’

Happy New Year! So much has happened lately that it has been difficult to keep the updates flowing, however here’s a brief catch up of whats happened in the last month:

10389283_10203228108527075_8108026106518518481_n IMG_4697

In late December I spent an afternoon caroling with a group of singer friends, visiting the Sunrise home for the elderly in Decatur, GA. It was very casual and enjoyable, containing Christmas carols from all round the spectrum. The members of the home enjoyed it vastly, and it felt great to spread holiday cheer. I also sang the National Anthem at two Georgia State Basketball games, which filled me with Panther Pride, and even made me #Bleedblue a bit. I then departed for France for the holidays, arriving on Christmas Eve. I spent a wonderful Christmas with the Carrion family, and toured around Le Mans, La Ferte- Bernard, Mont Saint- Michel, and Angers for New Years! I spent the last week of my vacation in Paris, and auditioned for both the Atelier Lyrique program and L’ Ecole Normal de Paris. Both were spectacular learning experiences for me, and I am so proud to announce my acceptance to L’ Ecole Normal de Musique for the continued study of vocal performance. If I should choose to continue with this venture I will enroll at the earliest in Fall semester of 2016. Below I have provided links to both institutions, check them out! While in Paris the controversial attack on Charlie Hebdo happened, which was both fear and awe inspiring. The people of France quickly rallied to support their country, specifically their right to freedom of press and expression. Many great gatherings occurred while I was in Paris, including a meeting at the Place de la République which my girlfriend and I attended. (Photo below)




Now I’m back in school, continuing the preparation for my Senior recital, Georgia State Opera Theaters’ production of La Bohéme, and my FINAL semester as an undergraduate at GSU. I am carrying the heaviest course load I have ever endeavored to bear, but I know once I’m wearing the robe and walking down the aisle towards my degree all of it will be ever so worth it. I am also continuing working as a singer around the Atlanta area, beginning this weekend with the Atlanta Opera’s ’24 Hour Opera Project,’ in which an entire operetta is composed, staged, and performed within a 24 hour window. This will be happening this coming Saturday, January 24th, at the Theatrical Outfit in downtown Atlanta. This is my first project with the Atlanta Opera, and I can’t wait to get started! (Link provided below)  After this weekend, my next most prevalent gig is my debut for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, in which I will be singing both Papagano’s opening aria and duet from Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte. This event will occur on Valentines day, and is one of the primary shows that are blossoming from the amalgamation of the ASO and Atlanta’s own Alliance theater. This is an extremely exciting opportunity, and I am so pleased to be a part of these two great creative forces coming together. The production is titled ‘My Family Valentine,’ and a link is provided below.

24 hop

Enjoy the fruits of this new year, and be on the lookout for the following upcoming events:

January 24th: Atlanta Opera’s ’24 Hour Opera Project’

February 14th: The Atlanta Symphony presents: ‘My Family Valentine’

March 31st: Nick Yaquinto: Senior Recital

April 12th- 14th: Georgia State Opera Theater Presents: La Bohème



(PS: Check out my feature on the GSU School of Music Website on the ‘Opera” page as shown below: http://music.gsu.edu/performanceensembles/opera/ )

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.20.33 AM

2015: Something to be excited about

As 2014 comes to a close, I pensively am drawn to consider all the growths that I have made professionally in the last year, and even more so, consider all the exciting opportunities that have been presented to me for the coming year. Next month I’m set to audition for L’ Atelier Lyrique national opera house in Paris, as well as l’école Normale de musique de Paris while vacationing in France. Upon my return in January I’ll be participating in the Atlanta opera’s 24 hour opera event, as well as starting rehearsals for GSU Opera theatre’s production of La Bohème, in which I will be playing Schaunard. Then in February I have been booked to perform Papageno’s suicide aria as well as the Papagana duet alongside the Atlanta symphony orchestra with soprano Allison Mion. I’ll then be getting geared up for my senior recital in March, which will feature a debut work by local composer David Brighton, Haydn’s The Creation duet with full orchestral accompaniment and be conducted by Atlanta Opera Maestro Rolando Salazar, a very unique set called Craigslistlieder by Gabriel Kahn, and more! (More information to come soon!) In the following month, on April 10th- 12th, Bohème will hit the stage, and then in May I will walk the stage of graduation with a Bachelor of Music degree under my arm. What a whirlwind of good fortune and blessings my undergraduate career has been. I look forward to bringing it to a strong close!

While in France I’m also hoping to see La Bohème at the Opera National de Paris, while working on Schaunard for next semester. What great timing life has! Here’s a link to the Opera National de Paris page for their production of La Bohème:


Happy holidays everyone, Cheers!


Downtown Chicago, taken from the park
Downtown Chicago, taken from the park


I spent the first and second of December in Chicago, auditioning for Central City Opera in Colorado. The program I auditioned for is a paid summer program, and would be the first dip of my toe into the deep waters of professional operatic experience. The audition was at the Fine Arts Youth Symphony Orchestra building on Michigan ave, overlooking the Buckingham fountain and Michigan Harbor. Everything went exceedingly well, and I look forward to hearing the results of the audition. They were especially interested in my ability to play guitar, and the opportunity to utilize both of my instruments at one time excites me greatly! In a few weeks I should know the verdict. For more information about Central City, check out the link below!


This was my first time ever in Chicago, so I made sure to make a time on the town. While there I visited the Lyric Opera House of Chicago, however unfortunately the production of Porgy and Bess ran the night that I left. I checked out the night life, and I also met a few awesome musicians, including my friend who allowed me to stay at his apartment. I’ve posted their websites/ Facebook pages below, check out some of the local talent coming from Illinois! I met up with a friend and past colleague that was auditioning for the same program, and had a great time exploring the city by train, foot, car, and longboard. I’m definitely looking forward to my next trip to Chicago, it’s a city that speaks to me!