Il Barbiere di Siviglia


This November I participated in Georgia State University Opera Theater’s production of the classic Rossini comedy The Barber of Seville, playing the role of Figaro. This was my largest part thus far within the realm of operatic roles, and I absolutely enjoyed every minute. The score weighed heavy upon my back, both literally and figuratively, and I spent countless hours practicing the slight nuances of Italian recitative, characterization, and perfecting the bel canto lines for which Rossini is so well known. This was my first truly comic role, and it exposed me  to a side of opera I never had before experienced. I must say, I am quite enthralled with it. Although there is so much joy to be found in the performance of heart- wrenching tragedy that opera so often is, the satisfaction of making your audience laugh and to know they are enjoying themselves is a complete different kind of fulfillment. I truly believe that the staging which Carroll Freeman, our school opera director, put together was world class, and I think many of the small details that this show etched into my brain will stay there for many years to come. (For more information on Il Barbiere di Siviglia, a plot synopsis can be found here:

I was also touched and humbled by the support which my friends and family provided me during my performances. Although performance is something that I do to share with everyone, there is a warming feeling inside my heart that comes from the sight of familiar face during and after the show. Many of the people who I care for most in the world traveled by car and plane across the country to see the show, and that is one of the things that makes all the work worth it in the end. All together I believe that this role has enhanced me both as a scholar and a musician, and I very much hope to continue performing this role in the future. I feel that it has great potential for me, and is one I truly enjoy. Fear not if you missed the performances, pictures from the show are available in the media section of this site! (Videos coming soon!)

From Georgia State University's Production of Il Barbiere di Siviglia
From Georgia State University’s Production of Il Barbiere di Siviglia

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